Culture and life style is all about driving dog poop in paper in our quotidian oet walks and recycling in evuro pH balanced high-tech teashcan and packaging for useful purpose. It is also a suggestion that we can do what the ants do to stay float before the raining season: aggregation. Each day when we walk our dogs 3 times a day or more because we fed them well with assorted chef mades, we are aggregating dog poop. Imagine 3 times a day multiplied by 80 million households. Whether they plastic package it or leave it as an eye sore on grass, the pile continue to aggregate in our ecosystem. Evurodog culture suggests that with proper dog walking kit and recycling-ready high-tech trashcan we can drive the dog matter back to pet food farms. Modern transportation models and mobile technology allows us the capability to communicate with out trashcanevuro through notifications. IoT is here and present. It is positive and functional for the positive impact on CLIMATE. Read and see if u like it